As an organization we deeply appreciate the support we receive from you. Our executive is comprised of entrepreneurs that, like yourself, want value for their dollars spent on sponsorship or advertising. Some of the benefits and activities of the Riggers are listed below and demonstrate why you should be part the “Rigger Family”:

  • The Leduc Riggers is the most recognized sports team in Leduc, in its 45th year of operation.
  • Community based organization – high percentage of local players from Leduc and surrounding communities.
  • Typical player profile - young men that often settle and raise their families in our community (potential customers).
  • A good percentage of our players seek employment locally during these years.
  • The Leduc Riggers season is long – seven to eight months, therefore your ad runs constantly for that period. The Riggers have a good working relationship with The Leduc Representative and Pipestone Flyer (local newspapers) which results in good exposure to the public.
  • Each week, during the long winter, we host an inexpensive evening of great entertainment at the newly renovated Leduc Recreation Center.
  • We support other local clubs, e.g. the Boys and Girls Club of Leduc, Leduc & District Food Bank, Minor Hockey and others.
  • The Leduc Riggers organization involves many local people and promotes the concept of shopping locally and supporting our sponsors in our spending habits.
  • Improves our community by keeping our youth focused on something positive like sports, rather than other vices that tempt young people.
  • Your sponsorship demonstrates that you are willing to reinvest some of your profits to make our community a better place for all of us to live and work.

To summarize, we would be thrilled to have you aboard as a sponsor and share in this mutually beneficial affiliation.

For more information or if you have questions about sponsorship please feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sponsors wanting to pay by cheque for their sponsorship can do so my mailing a cheque payable to "Leduc Jr. B Riggers Hockey Club" to our mailing address:

PO Box 3761
Leduc, AB
T9E 6M7




Leduc Junior B Riggers Sponsorship Program for the 2019/2020 Season

The Leduc Riggers invite you to be part of the upcoming 2017-2018 season. Last year online advertising was included as part of our advertising package. This year we will continue improving our website. In addition to the website, we are offering the following promotional packages.


Gold Sponsorship – $1000 for the season

  • A half-page ad in our 2019-2020 home game program
  • 32 complimentary home game tickets acknowledging your sponsorship
  • A plaque recognizing your support
  • One full week of gold sponsorship advertising (4 large billboard signs placed throughout the city)
  • Internet ads on the Riggers website (
  • We will be working with The Leduc Rep and 93.1 The One FM for more weekly advertising support Pre – Post Game days


Silver Sponsorship – $500 for the season

  • A quarter-page ad in our 2019-2020 home game programs
  • 16 complimentary tickets
  • Internet ads on the Riggers website acknowledging your sponsorship


Bronze Sponsorship - $250 for the season

  • A business card sized ad in our 2019-2020 home game program
  • 8 complimentary tickets
  • Internet ads on the Riggers website acknowledging your sponsorship


Last year we continued to increase our fan base by improving our total entertainment package with events such as the Schwab Slingshot Shootout, charity nights for Santa’s Anonymous, the Boys and Girls Club of Leduc, Leduc & District Food Bank and others. Most importantly, we had a well run team that was competitive and spectators were treated to some great hockey action. This year we intend to surpass last year’s performance in all areas, and will continue our innovative approach to promote our sponsors.

Some of Our Sponsors